Not to be political, but…

While I am passionately interested in politics, I do my best not to  promote a personal point of view. However, this is an issue I feel is especially important.

Our country has been spending more than it takes in for many years.  The result has been a public debt that will be crushing for future generations.  The response of the politicians has generally been to blame the opposing party and kick the can down the road.

Some courageous public servants disagree and think we ought to look at responsible solutions now.

Here is a link to the website “Fix the Debt“.  It is a bi-partisan effort to address this long-term and difficult problem.  Supporters include Judd Gregg, former GOP Senator, Ed Rendell, former Democratic Governor and many other respected statesmen.

I strongly urge you to review the information on the website and if you are in agreement, sign the online petition.  I never sign online causes but I have this one.

About Joe Schmitz

Joe Schmitz has been involved in equipment leasing and finance for over two decades. Joe has a special area of expertise in the fitness industry, having placed funding in excess of 100 million dollars for small to medium sized health clubs, Joe has also funded general equipment projects throughout the United States. Currently one of approximately 200 Certified Lease Professionals (CLP) in the United States.
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