Funding Your Startup

I’ve been doing “thought work” on updating our website at  The site is dated and doesn’t address how we best help our clients.  As part of that, I’ve been reviewing lots of information about start-ups, business funding, etc.

I found this great video sketch about funding from Kauffman Sketchbook  My only quibble with it is that it doesn’t explain the problems with the various types of funding (especially credit cards).  This link at Entrepreneur Magazine does a better job  The money quote in the whole article is also from Kauffman: “every $1,000 in credit-card debt that a small business takes on, its chances of long-term survival fall by more than 2 percent.“  That’s huge and something that a beginning business owner just never thinks about.

Finally, neither of these talk about other alternative sources of funding.  Our leasing company provides equipment financing for both start up and existing businesses.  We think as part of due diligence in your business, that’s worth taking a look at as well.

About Joe Schmitz

Joe Schmitz has been involved in equipment leasing and finance for over two decades. Joe has a special area of expertise in the fitness industry, having placed funding in excess of 100 million dollars for small to medium sized health clubs, Joe has also funded general equipment projects throughout the United States. Currently one of approximately 200 Certified Lease Professionals (CLP) in the United States.
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